As research is supporting Hippocrates wisdom, “that all diseases start in the gut”, gut healing or optimising gut function is a big focus of our treatment plans. The gut contains 75-85% of our immune system and we see this as being significant if we want to get to the root cause of any immune related disorders. This includes autoimmunity, chronic illness, fatigue, pain and mood disorders. 



Our approach fully embraces the concept that food is medicine. We believe that there is no one diet that suits everyone. Did you know that for some, a green smoothie is ideal and others the cause of their body aches? Or that restriction of certain foods can be helpful initially but will likely lead to further intolerances? 

We promote a quality whole food diet that is fresh, seasonal and organic where possible, modified to meet your needs. 

We are experienced in dealing with food intolerances including salicylate, oxalate, histamine, FODMAP, gluten and dairy. Rather than focus only on elimination of these foods, we strive to get to the root cause of them.

Rather than you are what you eat, we believe that you are what you digest and assimilate. For this reason, we comprehensively assess and address your digestion, the integrity of your gut function, and any nutritional deficiencies. 



Where appropriate, we undertake a biochemical approach that incorporates nutrient therapy (supplements) to support the body’s processes such as methylation, pyrrole disorder and detoxification. We find this useful especially with chronic diseases, irritable bowel syndrome or digestive disorders, fatigue, acne and mental health conditions.

We believe that this can be safely integrated alongside conventional medicine to help our patients thrive.



We utilise one of the oldest holistic forms of medicine that is firmly supported by current research. Herbal medicine exhibits potent therapeutic abilities, due to each plant containing thousands of pharmacologically active phytochemicals. Their complex chemistry enables multiple pharmacological actions and thus can treat a wide range of conditions including fatigue, sleep disturbances and digestive complaints.



We are avid advocates of meditation and other mind body spirit techniques including certain forms of energy medicine, as our practitioners have personally experienced the benefits of what these modalities offer. We believe that emotional wellbeing is key to creating sustainable changes in our physical health.



We aspire to develop strong therapeutic relationships with our patients that are based on trust and respect.

Our prescriptions come with hope, support and inspiration, guiding our patients towards reaching their health goals. We are non-judgemental and committed to supporting our patients according to their values and preferences. We effectively help them to navigate through the myriad of conventional and complementary therapies available to ensure safe and optimal care.